JLG Grand Tour, State of Play: Virtual Panorama, On Locating JLG, Street View Stalker, and a colour code
Three channel video installation, 16 min.
End of the Year Show, Werkplaats Typografie, 2017
Melina Wilson and Boris Siemaszko
JLG Grand Tour is an ongoing collaborative research based on Jean-Luc Godard's corpus of films made along Lake Geneva. It’s a tour in a Swiss region — and the director is the guide — or an invitation to look at his work from a singular, site-specific perspective. This research will unfold through several mediums over time, the colour code and the videos Virtual Panorama, On Locating JLG, and Street View Stalker being the first attempts at mapping a both real and fictional zone, and setting the ground of JLG Grand Tour 's visual language.